Specialty Fittings

Specialty Fittings

The connector line includes inch and metric one touch fittings, fitting manifolds, and pneumatic tubing available in multiple colors, sizes, and materials:

  • Comprehensive line of inch or metric sized fittings, speed controllers, and tubing
  • Includes clean room options and a broad set of specialized fitting and pneumatic tubing options
  • Integrates one-touch fitting technology in both pneumatic fittings and speed controls
  • Provides stainless steel fitting and brass fitting options
  • Improves energy consumption, by providing lower pressure return stroke options
  • Air cylinder speed control is critical to the longevity of your machine operation

ARJ1020, Miniature Regulator with One-touch Fitting
KA, Anti-static, One-touch Fitting
KC, Tube Coupler, Self Seal Fittings
KG, One-touch Fitting Stainless

KG, One-touch Fitting Stainless

    KG, One-touch Fi..

KP, Clean One-touch Fitting for Blowing Systems
KQB2, Metal One-touch Fittings
KR, Flame Resistant, One-touch Fitting
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