Maximum valve-turnover frequency:1,000 Hz(Supply pressure at 0.2 MPa)

Response time/ON response:0.9±0.15 ms
Service life:1 billion times or more
Manifold available as a standard feature(Up to 32 stations)
Flow rate:120L(Normally open, Supply pressure at 0.4 MPa)

With one-touch fittings



High Speed 2 Port Valve

SX10 High Speed 2 Port Valve
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SX10 Series


  • High speed response : ON/0.45 ms, OFF/0.4 ms (±0.05 ms)
  • Long service life : 5 billion cycles or more
  • High frequency : 1200Hz
  • Width : 9mm
  • Low power consumption : 4W




• High Speed Response

ON 0.45 ms, OFF 0.4 ms (±0.05ms)

SX10 high speed response



• Durability: 5 billion cycles

• Low Power consumption: 4W

SMC's original design of valve and coil structure realizes a longer product life and require less maintenance




Possible for continuous energization for extended periods




• High frequency: 1200 Hz • 2 Mounting types
SX10 high frequency SX10 mounting types



• Compact and Space-saving

SX10 Compact and space saving



• Reduction in labor cost
(Quick Disconnect Type)

• Coil temperature rise (5°C)
SX10 Quick disconnect

SX10 Power consumption


• Filter available as option
SX10 Filter



• Variations

All models have the same body size

SX10 variations



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High Frequency 1,000 Hz 2 Port Solenoid Valve

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