Gentle Automatic Solution in both designing and supplying fully integrated industrial automation systems, including hydraulic, Solenoid Valve, Air Cylinder, Pressure Switch, SMC pneumatic and electrical/electronic systems for motion control applications. Our automation control solution includes complete systems for high-pressure testing of pneumatic and hydraulics. We at Gentle Automatic advance the art of industrial automation through the integration of a broad spectrum of automation control technologies delivering elegant, easy to integrate process, manufacturing, test and measurement solutions that deliver unprecedented efficiency, speed, and flexibility to the client.

Through organic growth and expansion, Gentle Automatic has become the premier supplier of Solenoid Valve, Air Cylinder, Pressure Switch, pneumatic control valve and hydraulic valve, equipment, and systems. At Gentle Automatic, we are continuously expanding our capabilities through our high-quality product lines, knowledgeable and innovative staffs, state of the art technology, and customer service.

We are dedicated to total client satisfaction in their specific product and service requirements. We provide application automation systems engineering expertise, high-quality products, and fully customizable automation systems for operations in all Industries. Our expertise is supporting by world leading brands Koganei, SMC, CKD, FESTO, Jufan, TPC and Pisco.

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